How It Works

Making Contact


No website or social media page can replace a conversation, so please do give me a ring or drop me a line, briefly outlining your enquiry or what help you are looking for.


Some people are looking purely for a one-off consultation and others wish to look at some re-design work, in full or in part. Either way, we can put a date in the diary to meet.


Working Out Your Needs And Wants


If the re-design route is the right one for you, a second date will be made at which a full site survey will be completed. The garden will be carefully measured with notes taken of key elements that will stay or go.


We will have a full discussion about your budget, your needs and wants, any styles you are particularly keen on, colour palate of planting and how you want to use the

garden both short and longer term.

Isometric drawing for Wanstead E18.jpeg

Designing Your New Space


A design of your new garden will be created. This will be represented firstly as a ‘flat plan’ from which you can also choose to receive an ‘isometric drawing’. This is a firm favourite as it is a clearer artistic impression of the design which comes alive and much easier and more exciting to imagine.


Having gone through the design, we discuss any tweaks or additions you may like. We finally then decide who will build your new garden for you.